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All you ever will need to know. link to achived shows Our friends (maybe) and sponsors (we wish) link to our forum go post sometnig now

Here is all the information you need to be able to tune into wireless fm. Remeber the live streaming is not 24/7 yet

We now stream in mp3 format and sometime OGG-vorbis, we are hoping to go OGG-vorbis all the way but for this we need YOUR help:

The recommended media player is:  VLC icon which is available for ALL systems and will play almost ANY files, you will definitely NEED this when we do video streams!!!

All you need to do is click on the "radio mp3" link on the main page of the website and your default media player will tune in, if you want to use VLC and it is not your default media player then:  choose the "save link/target as..." from the drop down menu on the radio button > then "open with ..." and select VLC. 

If it does not work we might not be streaming. Check the schedule page to know whether someone is supposed to do a show or come into the chatroom and ask there.

Happy listening.