Hey! It moves! it must be alive... The animated wireless welcome animated gif which says "do we care, do we fuck?" or does it say "Do we fuck, do we care?" ???? the mystery is there...
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Webchat please try it and report back in the forum, thanks. 

Here is a link to the old chat:   Chat    you will need java enabled on your machine for it to work. 

If you already have an IRC client on your computer click HERE for the Chat .

If you cannot connect do not worry and go to check HERE for other ways to talk to us..

Breaking News: Currenly no base stream sorry, thanks.

 If you are having problems connecting then go read THIS. but please check the schedule page in the chatroom and this forum post, if we are not streaming listen to our friends: 


You can help by reporting any broken thing you find to:  BROKEN


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